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Recent Trading Strategy Reviews

On this page, you can read both positive and negative reviews posted by real subscribers to strategies.

Regardless of whether a review is positive, you must remember that there is a substantial risk of loss in futures and forex trading, and also that there is a substantial risk of loss in online trading of stocks, options, and equities.

Remember: past performance does not indicate future performance.
Reviewed on



Not enough time with the system yet to write a meaningful review so selected 4 stars only for that reason (the C2 system page speaks for itself as far as past performance to date on C2). However, I will say that I am manually trading the system and this is not a problem based on how the signals are sent and managed. So if anyone is at their autotrading limit as far as number of systems and wants a manually tradable ES system, this one is a good candidate.

VIXTrader Professional


I normally don't write reviews on C2 any more because 2-3 weeks is not enough time to experience the ups & downs of the systems. I made an exception because I've been following VIXTrader Pro for almost a year now. Roberts track record speaks for itself. Minimal drawdowns and maximum returns. Unbelievable. He really does seem to have a 6th sense when it comes to XIV/VXX. Probably the thing I like best is his willingness to jump from XIV to VXX in an instant. I feel I am less likely to get caught up in another nasty 20% drawdown again. He must sit there @ his computer with fingers on the keyboard all day long and I appreciate it. He has always responded to my messages. Keep up the great work Robert!!



High rate of slippage as subscribers pile in which is typical for strategies attempting scalp trades with lots of subs. For some reason developer is changing methodology to accommodate traders with small capital amounts rather than leaving it to individual traders to adjust their own scaling. Unfortunately, "past results not indicative of future results" may apply here.

Credit Spreads Income


Good strategy so far. Typical 3 week review, take it with a grain of salt. I would like to see more spread strategies like this on C2. Only $49 at this time, great value! Not 5 stars because the owner has not replied to any of my messages, zero communication.



So far so good (6 weeks of trading). Each C2 "trade" in the trade log is typically many smaller in/out trades, with positions added as price moves in a favorable direction (rather than averaging down as many systems do). Developer is active and very visibly monitoring the system continuously. It does hold XIV (and presumably VXX positions in an increasing VIX market) over weekends without option or other hedges, so that must be considered (I sometimes do weekend hedges using VXX options in another non-C2 account).

Don't Worry


Asked to write a review before any actual trades have completed, so entered 3 stars for that reason (ie. not enough time has passed to write a valid review of the system).

Credit Spreads Income


As usual, a review request is sent by C2 only a week or so after subscribing, which is far too early to write an actual review of any system. I entered 3 stars for this reason ... just not enough time with the system to write any meaningful review.

QuantStat2 Futures


I have been watching and actively communicating with Ronnie for sometime and he is very responsive. In term of his trading style, it is suitable with my risk profile. I need this day trade model in my portfolio. What I like, he trades both side either short or long, depend on the market favor. Another thing, if he can risk or loss 2% -3% from initial capital, he can also earn profit with the same percentage or even more. I think, that's very important. At the first time, I was thinking this guy must be joking when he emphasized that his goal is $5k for each month. I am just thinking, this guy must be over promise but under deliver. Now, I believe he can reach his goal if he can stick with this good performance. I will love to work with him for long term if he can maintain his outstanding performance. Overall, he is professional in his field.

QuantStat2 Futures


No trades since signing up for a system that is billed as a frequent trading program. So I cannot review on actual trading.

Simplicity Trading


Very clean trades, professionally run system.

Boux Crude Oil Rig


Just had a few trades so far (4) so not enough time for an in-depth review, but as can be seen from the trade record this system is a quick in/out system that catches small moves, and does typically one trade per day. My trade numbers match C2 and am autotrading this at Tradovate.

25K Emini SP Portfolio


Only been subscribed for two weeks, but phenomenal performance so far!



Very good, well balanced system, with high perf and low DD due to the combination of multiple strategies in one package. Highly recommended.

Volatility ETF Trader


Volatility system from a well-renowned volatility trader, with a team of quants, hedge fund experience, etc.,etc. Normally Jonathan Kinlay's expertise is only available for high net worth individuals. But, you can get one of his strategies right here on C2. You can also subscribe to his blog/email letters on his website. Also, he is responsive to communication via the C2 messaging system.

I gave 4 stars instead of 5 only b/c of the lack of time that I've been in the system is not enough to prove that it will turn out the way that I hope it will.



Great risk controlled disciplined system. Time will tell but so far very happy.



The leader did not trade for 3 weeks...not sure if this strategy is still supported!

Carma Stocks


I've been following the system for about half a year. It seems to perform well in all market conditions.

Smart Volatility Margin


4 stars b/c review is after only a few weeks. Otherwise 5 stars.

The system is smart b/c the signal provider is very smart!
Read the description, look at the results, and then do what is smart (sign up).

Simplicity Trading


so far so good. the system seem to buy every dip on ES, then if ES futures rebounds he buys STOXX50 because most likely EU market will follow US market. So far every dip in the stock market has been rally back, so there is never any draw down or loss yet. Don't really know how good this strategy is until the BULL market is over or at least when the stock market doesn't only go up after 1-2 down days.

CkNN Algo


Fantastic system. I have been trading since August, 2016 in a different account. It is supposed to be purely algorithmic. It is long-only and IRA friendly, although it goes long and short via the ETF's it trades. It trades DUST and NUGT, which are not common investment vehicles on C2, and theoretically not correlated with VIX products and broad indices. Do I like it? Well, I am paying for two subscriptions...

R Option Mini


Before trading this, I was on R Option (the larger version) for a few months. All around, Mario is really helpful, and willing to chat about how best to approach his systems. So far, I am pleased with the results of the systems and the way in which risk and profit are managed.

Quant Models Volatility


After about 2 weeks of subscription to Quant Models Volatility, the returns have been pretty good, only reason I have not given 5 stars is that I've been subscribed only 2 weeks. Any time I send a message to the system developer I get a fairly prompt response that is informative and to the point. I plan to stay with this system long term.

Simplicity Trading


Great start on C2, but still a young system. Trades futures on European and US indices, providing some diversification. Trades very selectively, so limited market exposure. Trade leader is responsive to inquiries. Hopefully outstanding performance will continue in different market cycles. Time will tell!

Growth 500


I have subscribed many models since I joined C2 almost 2 years. I am very happy the way he manages his acct. He let the profit run and cut when there is significant pressure. He just manages his acct perfectly. Btw, u should prepare when the market against ur position but his risk n rewards are acceptable for my risk profile. Another thing, this is the example how the manager is making real money from his trade, not from his subscribers fee. I also like , he has long records since 2014 and never change his trading style. His style works in every conditions. In summary, I will keep his model for long term. Nice job



My trades match his perfectly, no slippage. Consistent daily gains with Chris's algo. . 4-5 winning trades per day. 92% winning % & RARELY holds trades overnight. This is a real, daily income generator. Winning in up AND down days with XIV. Quick trades at the right time. I hope it continues to do well. The owner is very insightful & takes the time to explain how/why this strategy works. My favorite strategy right now.

4QTiming FutNQ


Very happy with the quality of this strategy. Sound trading plan with stops. Good backtest, Quick replies. 5 stars.

Smart Volatility IRA


I trade now some months with Samart Volatility. The Long and the Short version.
Of both I am very content. Also about the communication with David Juday.



There's a big hole in my pocket. Stop losses?

Volatility Returns


Even after the big hit we took in May, I plan on owning this strategy for years to come. Just look @ how well it did over the last 12 months. He handled the bump in April quite well. The owner makes it well clear this is a volatile strategy & you need to be prepared for some ups & downs. If you have a few years left before retirement, definitely consider investing a small portion of your portfolio in this strategy.



I have no idea why I allowed myself to get caught up in subscribing to this one. Its performance is pure luck. It simply sells naked out-of-the-money UVXY calls and let's them expire. During the spike of 2014, I would've lost up to 4x my account value, depending upon when my position was closed by the broker. There is no hedge against that risk whatsoever; therefore, its performance numbers look great. This is why there is no free preview to allow you time to realize what you did.

Volatility Returns


Clear disclosure of risk given excessive returns.
Would like to see it back tested further to understand performance pre 07. Would like to understand risk per trade better, where the actual stop is etc because black swan event could wipe out completely. Remember can always get back into trade. Otherwise good let's make some moolah!!!

SMTiming Conserve VR


This is a very good, consistent, conservative VIX trading system. Good #'s this year so far, low DD.
At $99.00 , this would be a 4* review. At this time it is free, thus, it deserves 5* in my opinion. Excellent "value". Especially after it handled the recent mid-May XIV pullback. I hope this strategy continues to do well & the creator is able to get paid for his/her hard work. I plan on keeping it even when they start charging, as I like the idea of having several VIX strategies in my portfolio.

Event Hunter


Recently the trades are based on "cut the profits short, let the losses run and add to the losing trades" principle, which should be the opposite, in my opinion. You can see this from constantly decreasing profit factor. And I strongly believe the trades are not based on events as the vendor suggests. This is just another system started strongly but continues to perform poorly. Be careful with the risks involved (too many trades and therefore too many exposure, adding to losing trades, cutting the profits short etc.).

Growth 500


Excellent strategy, very active and knowledgeable trader

Event Hunter


I personally don't like his trading style. I prefer traders that trade in a limited number of securities; I believe he trades in way too many markets. I am letting my subscription lapse and wish him the best.

Volatility Returns


I don't think the owner gives himself enough credit. He constantly warns of potential losses someday and reiterates this is a "long-term" strategy, but then turns what could've ( should've ) been an April loss into a 29% gain? At $99 a month, this is still a bargain. I plan on having this strategy be part of my portfolio indefinitely. They say the "big drop" will happen again someday in the VIX, but if you've been lucky enough to own this strategy since the beginning of the year, you are already $ ahead in my opinion, your investment has doubled. This guy KNOWS what he's doing.

Volatility Fusion


Seems a robust volatility strategy, backtested from 2004 so we can see the satisfactory behavior during 2008 crisis. 4 stars only because of an abnormal trade which caused a bigger loss than expected recently and because there is no progressive position entry or output.

24K Longs


Careful with this one - it is volatile. Wide intraday swings as this is an "all in" system utilizing most all the strategies capital using 3x ETF leverage. Scale down early rather than later.

XIV Timer


Seems like a good system and CJ has a professional attitude towards his work and provides good information on market conditions affecting the system. The recent drawdown of 25% has spooked some customers, but it's typical os volatility systems doing over 70% yearly.

24K Longs


Lot of losing trades. I have a fear this system might go bust. Just like other gold systems.

XIV Timer


As of april 25,2017 it looks like the system is in the process of crushing and burning.



Hello, I think I was extremely unlucky with my timing! When I became a member the strategy dropped considerably. Lost 4 of the 5 thousand in a matter of two weeks or so. But I'm still following the strategy. Believing and hoping the system will recover my losses!

B48 ES


This system is one of the best kept secrets on C2. It trades infrequently and holds the positions for a short amount of time, thereby providing very little exposure to market risks. The win rate is super-high without any Martingale. I simply trade it with high scaling and a safety stop to provide decent returns.

Alpha and Omega


Must stay away from this system. Low return high DD, can blow out ur acct. 100% true. U can win $100 but lost over $10000. Check his history if u don't believe me. If u are current subscribers, turn off this model now while u still have funds in ur acct



Too short time to give solid opinion as usual with this evaluation system after 2 weeks.



I've already sold OTM option to get premium, and the trades made here seem very sound: the strike is well chosen and the trades are followed up, closed sometimes before expiration if risk arises. But it's not a long time enough since this strategy exists to have a very relevant opinion, and the developer already proposed some fickle strategies by the past...



Unfortunately I had signed up during the recent DD period which happens. but, I was disappointed in the fact that the trader seemed to have changed his strategy to a more aggressive one during and after this period. He began to executed trades that held more lots and wasn't done in the past. Also, the execution of simultaneous trades was problematic for me to keep up with the leverage requirements.

24K Longs


Tim's parameters are clearly very good. (Wish I knew what they are). And Tim has been good about taking the time to answer my questions, and promptly, on how to be a participant. I also admire his decision to grandfather-in current member fee rates, and notifying everyone of coming fee increases beforehand.

Taking Advantage


No risk control strategy whatsoever. You can see it in his last trades how he has lost control.

4QTiming NDX3x


This is either a good strategy or a poor strategy. Time will tell.....

CkNN Algo


Good strategy. Good communication, no surprises yet.
Keep up the good work.



Avoid this system



After a fantastic start it turned out that it was a fluke and the developer himself doesn't trust his system. After a DD of 15%, that in itself for a robust system is not unprecedented, he closed all (losing) position and switched to a new system, broadcasting that the DD will be bigger, the risk will be bigger, the margin requirements will be bigger but we should trust the system, because the results backtested for 3 whole months (!!) [not published, btw] are very promising.

Subscribe at your own risk, but one thing is for sure: the published trades and statistics are NOT relevant to the current system.

Ultron VIX Swing


No b.s. here. Good system so far. Developer stays active in it's operation.

Event Hunter


I was waiting for a bad situation before to review, and I must say I am very impressed with his trade management, in the best and worst case scenario. very professional, very good communication, and best of all...regular profits. ;-)

Event Hunter


Impressive performance during the first month of my subscription. I would like to wait and review the system after a few months, but that is not an option.

QT DayTrader Gold Jr


The system is based on multiple sophisticated algorithms. At present, the system is very young, so time will tell in terms of performance. Developer is an excellent communicator.



I have been exceptionally unlucky probably. About on the day, I Joined a started auto trading. the results plummeted. After 12 days about 30% loss!! This can also happen off course but it is not nice



I share the sentiment of previous reviewer about latest draw down letting happen when it could have easily been avoided. Trading can be so simple if you have infinite draw down, eventually the market will turn around one day.. but that is not responsible trading for us who have our investments in the system. Hopefully System provider turns his risk down and creates a better risk / reward for future or this system will fall down fast.



Was good until yesterday (fed day). Small profits, but large draw downs being allowed, not sure why. Entire profit of 2 months down in two days. But I still want to be in. Hope for the best.



This is a grid system which tends to make small profits per trade. The system adds equal lots to losing trades in a narrow range. I've seen this style of trading before and it can be dangerous if a pair moves against the trade and doesn't return - which happens in forex.

3 Fold Per Annum


So far I am happy with the results of this system after couple of months with good and less good trades, I believe the developer is doing a good job and has good risk management. It has given me small but consistent returns overtime. I would recommend it and hope ConservProfit continues to be true to its pledge. After seeing its actions I trust this FX trader better than other systems (that have lost me money trading Futures).



Awesome Job!! Trades in a conservative manner and still shows excellent trades and wins. He needs to charge more so he can do this full time!!



Pros: trades often - finds many opportunities, reasonable timing of entries.

Cons: averages down significantly when trades enters a loss. The stop is very large in relation to the typical profit and it sometimes get pulled back. Some trades are held over the weekend.

Track record looks super and the fees are very low - the big question is how will the system handle a large adverse move that arrives after averaging down.

Personally I don't like the way risk management is done here. If you trade it, better keep it small.



The developer is very responsible.

4QTiming NDX3x


The developer of the system has answered all my questions. I am a new subscriber and have not received any entry signals thus far. But the developer has explained that it is not uncommon for this system to be in cash for sometimes weeks at a time.

QT DayTrader Gold


Ryan and his team have a very nice set of models available, he is always responsive to messages, and is working very hard to monitor and always improve his services. Recently for example increasing the numbers of algorithms working in particular systems to increase diversification and potentially reduce draw-downs. Subscribers will need to realize that back-tested results can never be 100% reliable, they are created with a preexisting data set, and their profitability with regard to out of sample data can never be assured. Nevertheless, if his models get only 50% of the profits suggested indicated by back testing, I for one would be delighted. Also, his live trading results so far give every confidence in the validity of the back tested results. I'm very happy with the new Gold Day Trading system, as its nice to not be exposed to overnight volatility, and you can make use of the 4x day trader margin available to IB users. Basically I love Ryan's systems and wish we could be subscribed to all of them!

R Option


over the past several months the owner of the system has been very successful in executing orders on the right side of the trades. He is very good with communicating with members. I have a good profit so far.



I subscribed in early January and am very happy so far even though I'm slightly in the red due to the current drawdown. Paolo's proactive communication is much appreciated, and he continues to monitor, improve, and enhance the strategy.

QT DayTrader Gold


This is a very new system, but it looks good so far. I have done business with the author before, and I know he is a professional in the field of automated trading.

Russell Trending


Stay away from this strategy unless you know what you are subscribing to. This strategy is day trading TF and is closing all positions before close of trading day, which is good. The negatives are:
1. Wide stop loss (similar to that for swing),
2. Counter-trend trades
3. Late day trade (opening trade within last two hours of trading day, not giving enough time for trade to develop).
4. Forcing trades when market is sideways while this strategy would work only in trending market just like its name.
I lost over USD 3000 within 5 trading days plus USD 200 in subscription fee. Definitely not for me.



Very few trades made, doesnt seem to have a propeitary,algorithmic system, just a person who trades, unsubscribed, would not recommend.



Great trading.......I am very happy with it....I get the same results using Interactive Brokers.
I highly recommend it.



This is one of the better strategies in the Forex Space. The manager of this strategy uses auto trading and manual trading very well with reasonable discipline.
Forex is prone to GAPS such as the GBP flash crash etc, so I can only give this a 3. This isn't a reflection of the manager, its really the volatility associated with Forex. The highest I would give any Forex Manager is 3 out of 5 stars.

SP100 Short Term Swing


I've been using this system for 2 years and few months, I feel quite confortable with the system, it never have had big moves against us and performance talk by itself.
I dont give 5 stars because the owner dont give a lot of comunication about the system, but the true is that its a mechanical system that do what it has do do, system owner is responsive if you write him.

Golden Bay


Not my style of trading, the drawdown was too much for me. Anyone can just buy or sell at any point on a chart and wait for the price to come back to a profit.

Russell Trending


The strategy shows very good results, but running it live i see things that i do not like. The trader is taking a lot of risk and is using very high stops. He holds losing position for a long time and also pays back a lot to the market when he is in green. I am about to unsubscribe from this system because i think it will not be profitbale on the longer run.

CkNN Algo


Did not find anything proprietary about this system.

Russell Trending


Is this a good system? Hard to say but I suspect it is.

The system is discretionary and the developer traded infrequently (at least in the period i've subscribed for).

The one issue I have with the system is that it suffers hugely from slippage. I suspect this isn't a broker issue but rather to do with transmission of orders from C2 to subscriber's broker accounts. The impact on profit and loss is signification which is why I can't continue to subscribe to this system until C2 can resolve it.

RSC Stocks


I joined for two months, total about 4 trades, all lose money. here I gave 3 star since the strategy leader did control risk well, always had stop ready. But the results was not good in latest two months.

Russell Trending


Stay away. This one is barely keeping its nose above the water, for now. Soon will look like his other two systems.

Simple Vix trade


This is one very risky strategy.
I have to agree with the other negative comments.
There is no risk- or money-management, huge drawdowns, no stop losses, no exit strategy.
Just gambling.

After January 2017 one has to wonder if the trader want's to loose money deliberately.
Going long for 6 weeks on UVXY is one crazy trade.
Even a beginner wouldn't make a mistake like that.
I'm just glad I got out in time.

Don't get fooled by the TOS.
The trader doesn't care about capital preservation.

Avoid also his other TOS strategy "VolatilityTrader", same foolish volatility trades against a very strong trend.

XLN Swingtrading


Steady gains within years, low DD, reasonable Price. I could not ask for more. Outstanding.

Event Hunter


Many of the trades seem quite random, not part of a strategy and not following macro events as the system describes.

Russell Trending


I am only 3 weeks into a Russell Trending subscription. This system had a very strong start during last 2 months of 2016, followed by an ok Jan 2017, but the last 3 weeks have been flat, after several losing trades followed by a few gainers. The developer has indicated some changes are needed due to # of subscribers, however it is hard to shell out $299/mo for subscription +autotrade and watch days go by with no trades at all. This system use to trade daily with an average holding period of less than 1 hr, so it is hard to fathom that no trade opportunities come up during any trading day. Some of the days have been trending some have been a saw, but they all appeared to have short-term trade opportunities. I'm hoping the developer has not become gun-shy, This market is tough with black and white swan tweets but still tradeable and this developer has shown a good ability to trade in this environment in the past. I will be patient but not forever.



Worst strategy I have ever subscribed to on C2. No solid trade plans. Keeps reversing trade direction but still comes up with losing trades!



On 9th Jan, ILMN-Stock jumped 30% after market closure. Beeing on the short side was bad luck, no blame about that.
But shorting SVXY and going long on TVIX for over a month? Sorry, I don't get it!
Other volatility traders on Collective2 are succesfully trading just the opposite for a long time.

Against all odds, the first few days SVXY & TVIX trades were in profit, but nothing was done to secure those profits.
After that, the trades turned into a loss, and after realizing the mistake, those trades were still not closed by the trader.
So after over a month we are still like sitting ducks and watching the huge losses incrasing daily.

The Trader is surely very knowledgeable, but after Jan 2017, I totally lost confidence in the strategy.
I couldn't see any proper risk management, no capital protection, a huge (unecessary) drawdown, and no exit point.
That's why I'm not going to risk my own hard earned money with this trader any longer.
And I can't really recommend this strategy to anyone anymore, despite the TOS and a good 2016 performance.

Volatility Trade


Good system. No fake stats here. Only thing I would say is it is a little expensive. However, if he keeps generating returns like he has been in the recent past, I would gladly pay the signal fees.



It's been only a few days of trading with this algorithm and i had one week of trial. The trial period came with a loss but the live trading brought some profits.
I have no reason to give less than 5 stars but beware that i only had 1 week of trading with it.
C2 favors algorithms makers by asking people to review the algos shortly after the subscription, before the bad things happen (and they will)



Very disappointed. Can understand some poor performance, but all gains wiped out in very short time. Much worse for recent subscribers who did not participate in initial gains. Plus the developer, FXWeapon has not been online for 9 days, nor has he provided any updates or explanation. Significant to note that he has 2 earlier systems that commenced well then suffered big losses and appear to have been abandoned. Admin at C2 should investigate



My experiences up till now are very well. It seems the trader is very experienced with Forex trading which is a speciality. He combines automated and manual trading very well.



I would give this system 5 stars but I'm waiting for the inevitable huge draw down (and how ConservProfit handles it) which will occur sooner or later. To the vendors credit, he has cautioned of the coming DD and to position accordingly. Having said that the system has preformed extremely well in all sorts of market conditions.

Ultron VIX Swing


The trades are consistent in this system.

RSC Stocks


He hasn't placed a trade yet. No comment.



I haven't been using the system for long, but Paolo has been very responsive and helpful. I asked detailed questions about the strategy and historical performance and he got back to me with the information I requested right away.

Russell Trending


I have tried a lot of Systems, this is my first review and I am excited to recommend this system if you want a good money manager. There are some that just trade without the human element, but this system brings both to the table. He doesn't let you loose too much and he is positive at a very high rate. I will subscribe to more systems from this man and let my account grow.



The fees are low and the service and profit high. I wish collective2 would have more like ConservProfit.

QT DayTrader VIX


I feel these review requests need to be sent out 6 months or more after we start a new system, 1 week is too early to say much! From what I can see however the system trades tightly and conservatively and I have felt confident during the recent changeable market conditions. There can be quite a few individual buy and sell signals through the day (selling and buying back parcels of VXX) so the cheap commissions at IB are very helpful in keeping costs in check. Owner seems very responsive, committed and professional. Obviously performance is exceptional based on the short Collective history and longer back tested results.



This system had a great start which attracted a lot of money. Unfortunately it's been losing since I subscribed. I wonder if the strategy, which uses limit orders, still works when there is a lot of money following it. There are a lot of contracts now sitting at the system's key levels in limit orders and I worry that has effected how the market acts near those prices and how the system performs. Hopefully it's not a problem and the system continues up soon.

It is a disciplined system with stops and well defined levels that are followed. Upside before I subscribed was incredible and downside has been low for how much upside so far, but I'd like to see some upside myself.

VIX DayTrader 1


Maybe I am too unlucky, from the time when i joined.... Almost all trades are losing...

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